Scope Of Products

VESTOJAYA fabricate safety signs mainly in Reflective and Photo Luminescent form in comply to the following International Standards.
Association for the Standard Testing of Materials (ASTM)
ASTM E 2030-99 : Guide for recommended uses of photoluminescent safety markings. ASTM E 2070-00 : Standard specification for photoluminescent (Phosphorescent) safety markings. ASTM E 2073-00 : Standard test method for photopic luminance of photoluminescent markings.
ASTM D 1654-92 : Standard test method for evaluation of painted or coated specimens subjected to corrosive elements.
ASTM D 4828-94 (1999) : Standard test methods for practical washability of organic coatings.
ASTM D 1242-95a : Standard test methods for resistance of plastic materials to abrasion.
International Maritime Organization 9 (IMO)/ Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)
Resolution A.752(18) Guidelines of evaluation, testing and application of low location lighting on passenger ships.
Resolution MSC.61(67) Adaptation of the international code for application of fire test procedures.
Resolution MSC.57(67) Adaptation of amendments to the international convention for the safety of life at sea, 1974.
International Building Code (IBC) 2000
North American Standards/Underwriter Laboratories (UL)
UL 1994 Standards for low level path markings and lighting systems
UL 410 Standard for slip resistance for floor surface materials
UL 924 Latest revision from July 11, 2001 allows photoluminescent high performance EXIT signs that fulfill UL’s new, stringent requirements.
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
ANSI SS-EN 60598-2-22 Particular requirements - Luminaries for emergency lighting.
Standard Council of Canada (SCC)
ICS 47.020.60, 29.140.50 Regulation on low location lighting installed on passenger ships
Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
Uniform Building Code (UBC) 1997
DING67510 parts 1-4
Part 1: Measurement and identification by the manufacturer.
Part 2: Measurement at the place of use.
Part 3: Photoluminescent escape route systems.
Part 4: Products for photoluminescent escape route systems, markings and application.
APTA SS-PS-002-98 REV. 1
Standard for emergency signage for egress/access of passenger rail equipment.
APTA SS-PS-004-99
Standard for low-location exit path marking published by the American Public Transit Association.
JIS-Z9100 Available from Japanese Standards Association, Tokyo, Japan
Military Specification cancelled by DoD and replaced by ASTM E 2072-00, ASTM E 2073-00 and ASTM E 2030-99.
International Standards Organization (ISO)
ISO 16069/TC145 Safe Way Guidance System (SWGS)
ISO/DIS 3864 Safety colours and safety signs
ISO 6309 Fire Protection - Safety signs
IEC 60598-2-22 Luminaries - Particular requirment - Luminaries for emergency lighting
IEC Publication 50 International electrotechnical vocabulary, Chapter 845; Lighting
Emergency Lighting BS 5266-6 1999 (GB)
Contains the code of practice for non-electrical low mounted safety way guidance systems for emergency use - photoluminescent systems.